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Your trusted source for Oil & Gas products and leader in petroleum exports worldwide

Neshes Global is a dynamic global leader in petroleum exports, passionately fueling economic growth, premier choice for high-quality petroleum products that power nations, industries, and vehicles.

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Why choose Neshes Global for your Business ?

We provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to manage your organization's procurement needs. From initial sourcing and supplier evaluation, to purchase order creation, logistics coordination, quality control, and final delivery - we handle it all so you don't have to.

Strategic Sourcing

We specialize in the strategic sourcing of goods and services, employing meticulous analyses to identify, evaluate, and engage with suppliers. This process entails negotiation of contracts and the cultivation of supplier relationships aligned with the overarching goals of the organization

Supplier Management

An integral facet of PAAS involves comprehensive management of supplier relationships. Providers navigate vendor selection, onboarding, and performance evaluation, while ensuring strict adherence to contractual obligations and regulatory compliance.

Cost Reduction and Savings

We endeavors to effectuate cost reduction and savings through strategic initiatives such as bulk purchasing, negotiation optimization, and leveraging economies of scale. This necessitates the application of advanced analytics to identify cost- saving opportunities.

Compliance and Risk Management

We prioritize compliance with regulatory mandates and internal policies, thereby mitigating risks associated with procurement activities. This encompasses robust risk assessments, supplier performance monitoring, and adherence to ethical and regulatory standards.

Supplier Diversity and Sustainability

We emphasize the promotion of supplier diversity and sustainability initiatives. Providers facilitate the diversification of supplier bases, support for minority-owned businesses, and adherence to environmental and social responsibility standards.

Process Automation

Automation forms a cornerstone of PaaS operations, with providers harnessing technology to streamline procurement processes. Automation of tasks such as purchase order processing and invoice management enhances operational efficiency and minimizes errors.

Delivering worldwide straight from the world biggest refinery

Your customers expect the best, and Neshes helps you deliver

Reliability in supplies from one of the world’s largest refinery, We offer secure and seamless aviation fuel supplies to airlines, with innovative and transparent pricing options. A range of services like technical consultancy and training, innovative digital platforms and customer-centric solutions.

We Plan, We Source, We Deliver


Our team of experts has decades of combined experience in strategic sourcing, procurement best practices, and supply chain management. We leverage this knowledge to source quality suppliers, negotiate the best contracts, coordinate timely logistics, and ensure products arrive as expected. All while keeping costs low and complying with regulations.

What We Provide 

EN590 is a European standard that specifies the physical and chemical properties of automotive grade diesel fuel for use in road vehicles with diesel engines.

EN590 10PPM - 50PPM


Petrol is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid fuel used primarily in spark-ignited internal combustion engines such as vehicle petrol engines.

Petrol / Gasoline


Jet A-1 is aviation's premium kerosene grade fuel explicitly refined and blended to power reliable, efficient turbine engine operation aboard commercial passenger and cargo aircraft.

Jet Fuel A1


Diesel Gas Oil is a heavier distillate fuel with a wider operating temperature range optimized for compression ignition engines, boilers, heaters, and other large machinery requiring a higher energy density fuel than gasoline.

Diesel Gas oil (D2)


PG gasoline octane is a liquefied blend of alkanes like propane and butane - customized between 87 to 95 octane rating for optimal knock resistance and performance in combustion engines requiring gasoline-like fuel.

Gasoline Octane (RON 87-95)



Supply Chain & Logistics

Unparalleled Global Reach

We take pride in our extensive worldwide logistics network that connects businesses to markets across the globe. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses every aspect of cargo transportation, from air and ocean freight to overland trucking and rail solutions. 

With a strategic presence in all major ports worldwide, we ensure seamless integration and efficient cargo handling regardless of origin or destination. Our network spans crucial maritime hubs such as India, Singapore, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Dar es Salam, Port Beira, Houston, and Fujairah, enabling us to facilitate trade flows across continents with unmatched speed and reliability.

With a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and a global footprint that spans every major port and transportation hub, Neshes Global is your trusted partner for all your logistics needs, delivering your cargo safely, efficiently, and on time, anywhere in the world.

Robust Logistics

Our Partners


We have built our network for global coverages with over +25 Major Worldwide Port access.

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