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Transform into a Modern Workplace

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead requires embracing the transformative nature of work. Leverage cutting-edge workplace solutions to maintain your competitive edge. Foster innovation and flexibility by integrating cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, empowering your team to achieve extraordinary results.

Why choose Neshes’s Modern Workplace solutions?

Improved Productivity

We equip your business and your team with the tools necessary for peak efficiency. Our cloud-based solutions enable real-time collaboration, allowing your employees to work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device.

Improved collaboration

Our advanced cloud telephony and collaboration solutions provide your teams with the essential tools they need to work together more effectively, fostering superior teamwork.

Enhanced security

Our mobile device management and identity and access management solutions empower you with the control necessary to safeguard your business and your employees, regardless of their location.

Deciding to upgrade your technology is a pivotal move for any business, and making the most of that investment is where Neshes excels. Embrace the advantages of Modern Workplace technology, which boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and strengthens security. Here are three compelling reasons to propel your business forward with Neshes’s modern workplace solutions.

Elevate Your Enterprise into the Digital Future with Neshes’s Modern Workplace Solutions

Intune Device Management

Enhance Your Hybrid and Remote Workforce with Neshes’s Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management. Utilize Neshes’s Intune Managed Services to efficiently manage and secure mobile devices across your organization through tailored configuration policies, restrictions, and robust encryption.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Boost your operational agility with Neshes’s cutting-edge cloud-based virtualization technology. Enhance productivity, slash hardware expenses, and fortify your business security with our Azure Virtual Desktop services.

Microsoft 365

Maximize productivity with Microsoft 365's innovative apps and intelligent cloud services, backed by world-class security. Get access to powerful tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams - all with built-in security features for ultimate collaboration and protection.

Microsoft Teams

Boost productivity with our leading cloud collaboration platform designed to streamline communication and collaboration workflows across organizations of all sizes and industries. Leverage our best-practice approach to harness the full potential of seamless collaboration, fostering efficiency and success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Remote Access

Secure cloud-based solutions for remote support and access. Seamlessly establish on-demand, web-based connections with remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers. Elevate your customer support experience to new heights with the industry's premier remote support solution, ensuring top-notch service delivery.

Cloud Telephony 

Transform customers experiences with the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams. We aim to be your all-in-one communications partner. To empower your business to achieve more.

Elevate Your Transformation Journey with Neshes: Three Compelling Reasons

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Neshes has met Microsoft's stringent requirements for partnership, showcasing expertise across four high-demand Microsoft Cloud solution areas. Since 2019, we have shared Microsoft's cloud-first vision, believing that businesses of all sizes and sectors should have access to modern infrastructure.

We firmly believe that Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions offer unparalleled benefits to businesses when compared to other global technology partners. This belief is reinforced by Microsoft's recognition in seven Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, eight Forrester Wave reports, and eight IDC MarketScape reports.

However, harnessing the full advantages of a modern workplace relies on a best-practice approach to implementation. Our experts have configured and implemented hundreds of customer environments, enabling their employees to work more productively, reduce costs, and maximize security.


Neshes showcases proficiency in four high-demand cloud solution areas: Microsoft Modern Work, Infrastructure, Data & AI, and Digital and App Innovation. Our expertise across these domains enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions driving business transformation and growth.

Best practice

Our unrivaled expertise in Modern Work stems from successfully configuring and implementing numerous customer environments. We know the right approach and have the experience to execute flawlessly.


At Neshes, we prioritize customization, leveraging our deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and our close partnership with the tech giant. This expertise allows us to create tailored solutions that precisely address the unique needs of our customers, ensuring a seamless fit for their specific requirements.

Priority Support

At Neshes, we provide round-the-clock IT support to ensure your business operations are seamless and secure, any time of day. Our dedicated team of experts is always available, offering 24/7 service to resolve technical issues and maintain optimal performance.

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